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Buy Pfizer Genotropin12mg / 36iu Pen UK

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1 pre-filled pen (1ml) Pfizer Genotropin GoQuick pen.

The best growth hormone on the market!

Dont forget to stack with – testosterone, t3 or t4 and aromasin

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Buy Pfizer Genotropin 12mg 36iu Pen HGH UK ONLINE 110% REAL – VERY HARD TO GET

1 pre-filled pen (1ml) Pfizer Genotropin GoQuick pen.

The best growth hormone on the market!

Don’t forget to stack with – testosterone, t3 or t4 and Aromasin

Expiry – 2021

If unsure how to use this pen; youtube videos will assist some are in French but the mechanisms of the pen should be easily learnt.

Insulin needle attachment which works perfect for this pen: 0.30mm (30g) x 8mm by BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles.

Somatropin is contraindicated in allergic patients as well as in those with:

  1. diabetic retinopathy
  2. cancer
  3. Prader-Willi syndrome who are overweight, have sleep apnea or severe respiratory (lung) problems
  4. complications following open heart or stomach surgery
  5. trauma or other medical emergency
  6. breathing problems (like lung failure)
  7. liver disease
  8. kidney disease (or are on dialysis)
  9. diabetes
  10. a pituitary gland disorder
  11. scoliosis
  12. hypertension
  13. a pancreas disorder
  14. a history of cancer
  15. carpal tunnel syndrome
  16. underactive thyroid
  17. a brain tumour or lesion

Patients with Prader-Willi syndrome must seek medical assistance in presence of any signs of lung or breathing problems: shortness of breath, coughing, or new or increased snoring. Seek emergency medical help if any of the signs of an allergic reaction occur: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Side effects

In some instances, treatment with somatropin may cause

  1. headache
  2. tiredness
  3. redness, soreness, swelling, rash, itching, pain, or bruising at the injection sites
  4. arms or legs pain
  5. joint stiffness or pain
  6. muscle pain
  7. cold symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing, or sore throat

Adverse side effects                       

  1. increased heart rate
  2. severe pain in the upper stomach spreading to the back,
  3. nausea and vomiting
  4. increased thirst,
  5. increased urination,
  6. hunger, dry mouth,
  7. fruity breath odour,
  8. drowsiness, dry skin,
  9. blurred vision, and weight loss
  10. sudden and severe pain behind the eyes
  11. vision changes
  12. swelling in the head, face, hands, or feet
  13. numbness or tingling in wrists, hands, or fingers

Drug interaction

Before starting somatropin doctor should consider concomitant use of insulin or any oral medicine to treat diabetes. Since somatropin may affect blood glucose, the dosage of diabetes medication may need to be adjusted.

Doctor should be aware if the patient is using any type of steroid medicine: cortisone, dexamethasone, methylprednisolone, prednisone, or others, as well as all other medications, especially cyclosporine (Gengraf, Neoral, Sandimmune), seizure medication, birth control pills, anabolic steroids, or hormone replacement medications for men or women. Steroids can make somatropin less effective thus doses may need to be adjusted.

If patient is using Zorbtive for short bowel syndrome treatment, drinking alcohol, fruit juices or soda beverages should be avoided.


Doctor’s recommendations as well as directions on the prescription label must be followed at all times. Dose should not be altered without doctor’s consent.

Inject into a muscle or under the skin; do not inject at the same site twice in a row. Do not inject this into skin or muscle that is red, sore, infected, or injured.

When mixing somatropin 200mg with a diluent swirl gently, do not shake the bottle. Do not use the medication if it has changed colour or has particles in it.


Overdose can cause tremors, shaking, cold sweats, hunger, headache, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, fast heartbeat, and nausea. Long-term overdose may cause excessive growth.

Missed dose

Use the missed dose as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for the next scheduled dose. Do not use extra medicine to make up the missed dose. Call your doctor if you miss more than 3 doses in a row.

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