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8 Common Myths About Gym Supplements: Debunking the Misconceptions

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You must have heard many things about gym supplements – like they make you fat or they are just for gym goers. Have you ever wondered if those statements are true or are just myths? Well, if you are intrigued to know the reality behind most common statements, then you have hit the right post.

We shall uncover the most common misconceptions related to gym supplements, separating the facts from fiction to empower you with the knowledge that helps you make informed decisions. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

#Myth 1: Supplements are Not Required if You Take a Healthy Diet

That’s one of the biggest myths and a widely prevalent doubt. The truth is that a healthy diet is not enough to provide you with the nutrients your body requires. The fruits and vegetables you consume today lack sufficient nutrients due to depleting soil quality, pesticides, and other factors. Therefore, no matter how healthy your diet is, your body may need an additional source of nutrients – which is supplements- to function optimally and give you the results you desire.

#Myth 2: Supplements Are for People Who Want to Gain Muscles

No, that is not true because good nutrition is essential for everyone, whether they work out or not. Anyone can have supplements to reap their incredible benefits, no matter what their fitness goals are. So, whether you are looking to lose fat, build muscles, or improve your overall health – supplements are there to support you. To grab quality supplements at the best deals, check out the Online Steroids UK Outlet store online.

#Myth 3: Supplements Works Only If You Train Hard

This myth makes sense, but there are some conditions. The fact is that whether the supplement will work or not depends upon which type of it you are consuming. There are basically three types of supplements, as stated below:

  • Pre-Workout Supplements – To boost energy and endurance so that your workout lasts longer
  • Post-Workout Supplements – To aid in recovery and building of muscles
  • Daily Supplements – To make for anything that is lacking in your regular diet

So, daily supplements are the ones that will work for you even if you don’t do regular workouts. Whereas the per-workout and pot-workout supplements may not show you the results until you train hard.

#Myth 4: Creatine is Not Good For Kidneys

There is much controversy on the internet about whether creatine is bad for the kidneys. Every bodybuilder wants to know its potential side effects, but the truth is there is nothing available that proves creatine is bad for kidneys. In contrast, creatine has had a positive impact on the kidney function of people suffering from kidney diseases.

You may confidently consume creatine, as its safety and efficacy have been meticulously tested. However, be informed that some people did not seem to respond well enough to it; that might be due to the fact that they already had a diet high in it, such as red meat, prior to beginning supplementation.

#Myth 5: Only Builders Can Have Protein Supplement

No doubt protein supplements work wonders for bodybuilders, but who said it is just for them? You can have them too. In fact, anyone can have protein supplements no matter what their fitness goals are; they’ll surely help. This means vegetarians, youngsters, older adults, or anyone who is in need of protein can intake these supplements and benefit from them.

#Myth 6: Supplements Only Add To Cost

Some people believe supplements increase their monthly expenditure and also they are unnecessarily expensive. However, when you compare the price of gym supplements to the amount we expend on junk food every month, they don’t seem expensive. Moreover, saying it is “unnecessarily expensive” would be unwise considering the benefits they provide.

Consuming supplements on a regular basis can significantly improve your health. They provide you with essential nutrients that are lacking in your healthy diet. So, they are worth the price you pay for them and are more effective than more expensive.

#Myth 7: Carbs Make You Fat

This may be true or maybe not because it varies from person to person.

Some people benefit from a high-carb diet in their weight-loss goals and enhance their performance at the gym. It happens because carbs work as a fuel to the body, which helps in training harder and longer.

In contrast, some people do best on a low-carb diet because their bodies are more insulin-resistant. This means that their bodies process carbs less efficiently, so if they consume too many carbs, it leads to weight gain.

Therefore, whether carbs will make someone fat really depends upon their particular body type. But do remember that if you speed up your body’s macronutrient intake without working out harder, then it will surely make you fat.

#Myth 8 – Fat Burners Are Of No Use

This myth basically comes into existence due to the human nature of being impatient. We always want results from everything to be quick and significant. But that doesn’t always happen.

When we take fat-burning supplements, we won’t burn off our body fat in a few minutes. It will take time, and the result will depend upon our routine.

If you take the fat-burning capsule and sit next to the TV all day long, then don’t expect effective results. Instead, it will work best if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program. Since it increases your metabolism and reduces your appetite, your fat sheds away automatically.

Wrapping Up

Most of what you hear about gym supplements is merely a myth. After reading this blog, you must have come across various false statements that you believed to be true.
So, from now on, make sure that you do not nod your head to whatever you read or hear about gym supplements. Instead, grab your phone, open Google, and search for the facts. Know whether the things you heard are true or merely a myth. That will help you enhance your knowledge about gym supplements and aid in informed decision-making.

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